Can Passing on a Job Offer Hurt Your Career?

The marketplace shifted dramatically in early 2020. As the novel coronavirus began to take hold in the US, many people found themselves out of a job. The nation is currently at about a 14% unemployment rate, but still much lower than 1933 during the great depression when it reached 25%. But passing on a job offer during this time can hurt you and your long-term career plans. Here is why it’s important to accept a job offer now.

The Impact of Unemployment

While unemployment is an important institution in the US to help displaced works continue to bring in money, it’s always meant to be a short-term solution. So even with extensions, the entire goal is to get more people back to work. The impact of continued unemployment can mean you miss out on opportunities due to a large resume gap.

Refusing a Job and the Implication

You have probably been told that if you refuse a job, you may lose your benefits. This is true if the job offered is comparable to your last job. So if you apply for and are offered a position, you will need to consider what happens if you do and if you don’t take it.

Be First in Line for Your Dream Job

This is also an opportunity for you to find and apply for the jobs you want. With unemployment up, that means there are fewer jobs available, but there may also be fewer people applying for these jobs while they’re collecting unemployment. Apply now and be the first in line. Take advantage of the market to find a steady job.

Talk to Potential Employers about Safety

Many people are rightfully concerned about taking a job during a global pandemic. We are still seeing cases rise. If you want to accept a job, be upfront with questions about safety. Ask a potential employer what they’re doing in terms of providing or requiring masks or performing health screenings.

Are you ready to start your job hunt again?

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