Budgeting Your Time for A More Productive Day

Can your day be even more productive than it is now? Whether you’re fully dedicated to your job or falling into a procrastination habit, you can always make your day more productive. Staying organized, keeping on top of tasks, and more can help you get there, but are there more things you can be doing? Here are some simple tricks that can help you avoid workplace distractions and get more done.

Work Backward from a Deadline

Okay, you know when something is due. For a lot of people, that means waiting until the last minute to complete every part of it. But by working backward from the deadline, you can get more done and be more productive. What is the end goal? How long will it take you to do each step? If you can’t picture it, start by handling the hardest parts of the project first. Focus on them fully until they’re done, and then you can relax as you take on the easier aspects before the project is complete.

Limit Email Time

It’s easy to let electronic distractions get in your way. You think you need to read every email as soon as it pops in, but you probably don’t. The sender can wait an hour or more before hearing back from you. Don’t keep your email client open all day. Instead, schedule 3 times throughout the day to focus entirely on email. We recommend first thing in the morning, directly after lunch, and at the end of the day.

Use Friday Afternoon to Plan Next Week

We get it. By Friday afternoon, you’re completely done. You just want to be out of the office and out doing whatever you’re going to enjoy for the weekend. It’s hard to get anything accomplished. So use that time to organize. Don’t schedule anything critical for Friday afternoons. Instead, use it to plan the following week, so you know what is expected of you as soon as you sit down at your desk on Monday.

Take Advantage of Technology

While technology, especially apps on your smartphone, can be a distraction, it can also be a useful tool when used the right way. Embrace technology to be more productive. There are a variety of scheduling tools, organization apps, and project management systems that can help you stay on track throughout the week. Consider the options that will work best for you.

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