How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Attractive to Recruiters

Do you ignore LinkedIn? This could be a big mistake in your job search and your career development. LinkedIn is the premier professional networking website, and recruiters, as well as employers, use it to find top talent. If you’re not on board, you could be left out. How can you improve your LinkedIn profile to make sure you get the views you need to be seen and contacted?

Your Profile Heading

The first things people see when they find your profile on LinkedIn is your profile photo and your heading. This heading is customizable, and you don’t need to leave it as the job title from your most recent position. Customize it to better reflect what you do or what you’re looking for in a new job. For example, if you’re looking for an administrative support position, a headline you can use might be “Administrative professional with over 15 years’ experience handling office organization, executive travel, and more.”

Be Strategic About Key Words

Like you would with a resume, you can update your experience to match the types of jobs you want. However, unlike your resume, you can’t really do this with each individual application. LinkedIn doesn’t have to be static but changing it every day can be confusing to potential employers. Simply make sure your profile includes language common in your industry. That way, recruiters who search these terms will find your profile.

Showcase Transferable Skills

Maybe you’re looking for a complete career transition. If you want a job without having the specific experience, it’s not an impossible task. But you have to sell yourself the right way. Showcase the experience that includes transferable skills. You’ve done lots of things that will translate to other industries or jobs. For example, if you’ve been in the restaurant industry, but you’re looking for a professional customer service job now, focus on the customer service aspect of your work rather than the food.

Complete Your Profile

LinkedIn’s algorithms give preferences to completed profiles. Make sure your profile has all the required information filled out and review it regularly. You want to include a professional photo as your profile picture. Update your headline, add your complete experience, and include any media that could help you get views, such as a website or blog posts you’ve written. You should also get recommendations from previous employers. While these won’t replace references, they do give a potential employer a good starting point.

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