Leveraging Job Rejection

Everyone’s had the experience. You apply for a job you think will be perfect and don’t get it. The disappointment is real, but it isn’t insurmountable. What you do after you’ve faced job rejection is what’s most important. How can you make the most of being turned down for a job you really wanted? Here are some ways you can leverage job rejection in your favor.

Don’t Take It Personally

The first thing to note is for every open position, a company may interview multiple well-qualified people, and they can only hire one. It doesn’t mean you’re not professional or qualified for the job; it just means you didn’t get the offer. Don’t take it personally because it isn’t necessarily about you; it’s about the company making a decision.

Craft a Response

When you do get a rejection letter, make sure you respond professionally. You never know when another opportunity might come along in the future, and your reaction to losing out on this job could make all the difference. Your instinct may be to ghost them, but that could come back to haunt you in your job search. Send a thank-you note and ask them for future consideration.

Request Honest Feedback

Another thing you may want to consider in your response is asking for additional feedback. In the thank you note, ask them about anything you might have been able to do differently. If they respond, consider that feedback carefully and make any adjustment with your job search that may help you land your next job.

Be Strategic About New Applications

What happens if you see another open position at the same company? Do you apply, or do you pass it up because you’ve already received a rejection? There may be reasons to reapply with the company if another position is posted. But be strategic about it. Let them know you made it to a final round of interviews with the other department and provide information about your experience.

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