How to be The Temporary Associate They Want to Hire

Have you considered working short-term jobs? Maybe you’re between jobs and need some extra cash, or perhaps you would rather have the flexibility that temporary work has to offer. But how can you become the temporary associate that the company wants to hire? Here are some tips to help you improve your chance of getting noticed and hired.

Be Available

To be considered for more assignments, or longer-term hiring opportunities in the future, it’s essential to be available. That means accepting opportunities offered by your recruiter when they contact you for short term positions. If you accept these assignments, you’ll be looked at as a reliable temporary associate and will be contacted for other positions since you’ve proven you can be trusted.

Be Flexible

With availability comes flexibility. As a temporary associate, you could be asked to do several things. While you have discussed your preferences with your recruiter, they may still try to give you a call for other projects outside the scope of your experience. The more flexible you are, the more you’ll be seen as a solutions-oriented employee. This will open up the considerations for further positions.

Be Willing to Learn

Just because you haven’t done something before doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Allow yourself to be open to multiple possibilities, even if you might have to learn something. Temporary work can be a great resume builder as now you can include this experience as you continue to look for a long-term or permanent job.

Be a Team Player

Remember that you and your recruiter are partners in this process. They are a part of your job search team, and you should treat them that way. Be someone willing to work with others. This includes your recruiter, the associates on your assignment, the supervisors, and anyone else you may interact within a temporary position. The more pleasantly professional you are while accomplishing your tasks, the more likely you’ll be noticed and considered for more opportunities.

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