Don’t Scare Off Your Next Potential Hire

It’s the season for goblins and ghouls, but you don’t want to scare off potential employees this Halloween. Did you know that some of the things you’re doing in your hiring process actually cause candidates to avoid applying or completing the process? What are you guilty of doing in your practices that might be keeping top talent from your open positions? Before you hide from these ghosts that haunt you, take a look at how to exorcise them.

Using Generic Job Sites

If you want to target individuals with specific job experience or background, you can’t expect them to all be on the generic job sites. When you post on these sites, you’ll find that the vast majority of resumes you receive are unqualified. Instead, consider the source where the candidates will be who possess the skills you want. For example, joining related groups on LinkedIn will give you access to people with specific experience.

Resumes Land in a Black Hole

There is nothing candidates hate more than submitting a resume to an open job only to never hear a single word back from the company. Sure, you may get more resumes than you can consider or handle, but at the very least send back an automated message that indicates only candidates who meet your criteria will be contacted. At least that gives them an idea of the next steps.

No Public Information

There can be a lot of reasons you keep your job postings anonymous, but that doesn’t instill confidence in a potential employee. If you keep your company hidden from view, you may not attract the best candidates. Just like you want to research their background before hiring them, they want to do the same for your company. At the very least, they need access to your website and social media.

Too Many Specific Qualifications

Hiring managers sometimes think that being very specific with a list of skills they want a candidate to bring to the table will get them better candidates. But if you list too many specific skills, more candidates are going to rule themselves out. And that includes people who may have been a great fit. Instead, consider your must-haves and your nice-to-haves when creating a job description. Be willing to hire for potential.

No Social Media Presence

Finally, in today’s digitally connected age, every company needs to be aware of their social media presence. And if you don’t have a digital footprint at all, it might be a red flag for job seekers. At the very least, you should have information on LinkedIn. Facebook is also expected today. You don’t have to overdo your social media by joining every possible site, but at least create a consistent brand across the most popular platforms.

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