How to Turn Your Temp-to-Hire Call Center Job into a Full-Time Position

Temp-to-hire is one of the many ways companies will try out a new potential employee before deciding to hire them full time. They will work with a staffing agency to place individuals on a temporary basis and evaluate their performance during an established time period. If you’re looking for a full-time call center position, can temp-to-hire be the right avenue for you? If you decide to go this route, how can you be sure that your short-term assignment turns into a permanent position with the company? Here are just a few things that can put you in the right position to be hired.

Treat it as a full-time position right from the start.

Don’t make a distinction between a temp to hire and a permanent job when you accept the role. Treat it just like you would if you were hired directly by the company on day one. In this case, you need to impress your supervisors so they can pass on the positive feedback to your staffing agency.

Meet all the deadlines effectively.

Never miss a deadline. Do everything in your power to ensure that deadlines are not only met but also that the work is impeccable. You’re basically auditioning for the job in a way that most traditional employees don’t get. You will have a period of time while the company is evaluating your work, so impress from the start.

Complete all the training programs available.

If the company wants you to train on any of their internal processes or learn new skills, jump at that chance. They trust you to be a top-notch employee and are gauging your every move. If you show interest in learning as much as possible about the role, they’ll be impressed.

Learn about the company and the job.

Finally, take as much time as you can to learn about the company. Don’t treat it as though you’re a temporary employee working through a staffing agency. Interact with the permanent employees, learn about the company culture, and integrate yourself as easily as possible.

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