The Keys to Snagging That Company Promotion

Maybe you’ve had your career goals written out since you were young. Or maybe you still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, but you know you don’t want to stay in your current job forever. In many cases, the key to your growth will be that company promotion. So how do you ensure that you’re on the right track for a promotion? Here are things to keep in mind.

Do exceptional work.

Step number one: make sure that the work you do is impeccable. That isn’t to say you won’t make mistakes along the way, but you need to be someone with a record of exceptional work as well as crisis management when something doesn’t go exactly as you planned it.

Don’t be irreplaceable.

Many people feel the best way to gain a promotion is by being irreplaceable. But this is not a method that will work in the long term because your company will be hesitant to move you from your current job. Rather, focus on being indispensable and invaluable instead so they know your potential.

Bring innovation to the table.

To take on the next levels of your job, you have to be a creative thinker. Yes, this means the clichéd “out of the box” ideas. Without innovation, you won’t be able to remove yourself from the day to day tasks you’ve been assigned. Instead, think of new ways to contribute to the organization.

Focus on soft skills.

Hard skills can be learned. You may not know how to do something specific, but you can learn. However, soft skills tend to be inherent personality traits. But you can focus on improving your soft skills to make sure you have what it takes to be a leader in your company. Organizational skills and communication skills tend to be the most important.

Never stop learning.

If you want to move on to another position within your company, make sure you never stop learning. Not only should you be enhancing your skills at all times, but you should also demonstrate that you are very interested in learning more about the company, the policies and procedures, and the way the company interacts with key people such as customers and employees.

Work with a recruiter.

If you’re looking for a career path that includes a promotion, you may want to consider working with a recruiter. Throughout the process, as they determine what positions are suited to you, they can present you with opportunities at employers who may offer long term career stability and future promotions.

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