Are You Effectively Leveraging Your Company Policies?

Do you review your organizational policies from time to time? Policies certainly play an important part in the success of a company, but there may also be instances where old, out of date policies aren’t eliminated or policies are complicating a process rather than enhancing it. There are a variety of things to consider when it comes to creating and enforcing company policies. Here are just a few.

What Role Do Your Policies Play?

Your policies provide the structure for your company. They are the ideals that you hold up in your branding and your mission statement. At a high level, they communicate things like ethics and integrity and instill those values in your employees.

Policies also act as a way to control the behavior of your employees to ensure they are following the commitments and values of the company. Your management team will use the policies you have in place to communicate with your team about the expected behavior in your office. They provide consequences for when policies are not followed, which can be essential for keeping all aspects of your business running smoothly without any outside disruption.

But your company policies also influence every aspect of your employee experience from recruiting to retention and overall best practices in your workplace. You use your policies, in conjunction with your corporate culture to hire the right people, keep them happy and engaged, and ensure compliance.

How Do you Audit Your Company Policies?

You should consistently review your corporate policies to determine if they are still necessary or effective. For instance, outdated technology can lead to policies that are no longer functional. New technology can also prove a problem. For example, many companies made knee-jerk reaction policies regarding social media in the workplace, but these restrictive policies have the opposite effect on productivity and engagement.

Every year you should take a look at these categories of policies to see what should be updated or eliminated:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Social media access
  • Personal time off
  • Tardiness and hours of operation

For example, if you’re seeing that people are later in the winter due to increased weather-related traffic, you may want to create a flexible start time policy and trust your employees to arrive to work and complete their tasks without worrying about the exact start time.

How Can Your Recruiter Help Shape Your Policies?

Did you know that your staffing partner can help you with valuable market insights to shape your company policies?

The agency you work with to help you source and staff short and long term employees are tapped into the employment market in a way that would be time consuming and prohibitive to you. They can share with you what other companies in similar industries are doing, the success of certain policies, and how policies impact a candidate’s interest in working for your organization.

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