4 Ways to Increase Your Confidence

4 WaysTo IncreaseYourConfidenceTime and time again, when a manager is asked why they hire a specific individual over another, the reason and choice really comes down to confidence. Employers want to hire people who are comfortable in their skin and their ability to perform their job. But is confidence something you can cultivate? It really is. Even if you’re shy or tend to second guess your abilities, you can learn to be more confident one day at a time. Here are some tips that you can use starting today to make yourself feel and appear more confident.

1. Dress well.

With the business world becoming increasingly more casual, many people take this as an excuse to be overly relaxed in their dress for interviews and their jobs. But putting yourself together is an important part of creating a confident self-image. Invest in a nice suit that will work well in any professional situation. Try to choose something that won’t be dated so you can wear it for years to come. When you walk into a room with a purpose and show confident body language while wearing a sharp outfit, you instantly gain respect.

2. Make time for exercise.

Though it sounds strange, exercising every day will help boost your self-image. Being healthier overall can do amazing things for your confidence, but exercise gives you a boost of adrenaline and energy that can help you stay more focused in all of your daily interactions. Once you make time to exercise, other aspects of healthy living will begin to fall into place.

3. Be positive.

Another worry that many employers have is working with people who are negative. It manifests in unusual ways, but sometimes it can be seen early on in the job search process. Don’t speak poorly about your previous employer or co-workers. Don’t lead with financial or personal problems, it won’t make the interviewer more sympathetic. Team members don’t want to work with co-workers who have a negative attitude. Also, studies have shown that employees with positive attitudes are more likely to be promoted in the long term.

4. Accomplish small tasks.

Feeling accomplished is another surefire way to boost your confidence on a daily basis. Set tasks each day that will help you work toward your goals. This could be in your job search, your overall career development or a personal project. Hold yourself to completing these tasks and cross them off when they’re done.

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