Hiring Trends In Dallas For The Summer

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is continuing to grow, which means new job opportunities are available every day. As the summer kicks into high gear it is important to understand the current hiring trends and how they might affect individual job seekers and businesses in the area. As a manager, what should you know about the trends that are impacting jobs this quarter and beyond?

School construction jobs

There has been a big movement to ensure that the infrastructure in our state’s schools stays up to date. This includes massive overhaul and improvement projects on existing schools as well as new construction in many places. Job seekers with skills in the construction industry are in high demand, but that isn’t the only industry affected. Construction companies need administrative support, planners, project managers, and more.

Summer internships in all industries

Now that school is out, many college students are looking for summer work to gain experience. Summer internships are a great way to make use of budding talent in your area for a lower budget. These students will learn valuable skills training that can help them when they return to school or build their resume. Plus, you may meet some candidates that have long-term potential who can return to your company as permanent employees after they’ve graduated.

Healthcare continues to climb

Throughout Dallas, the state of Texas, and across the country the need for qualified healthcare workers continues to increase. The industry is always in desperate need of certified nurses, medical assistants, and lab technicians. However, like with construction, there are a variety of support roles that are key to the success of the industry including administration, front office, medical coders and billers, and many more.

Hospitality jobs

Because Dallas is a premier destination, the hospitality industry is continuing to boom. Multiple hotels and high-end service industry jobs are hiring within the city and surrounding areas. For an employer in this sector there is always concern with high turnover and employment issues. There are a number of skilled workers in the area as well as other workers who have relocated here for a better opportunity within the hospitality industry.

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