How to Write a Great LinkedIn Recommendation

The LinkedIn recommendation may never replace old fashioned work references but they are surely making the process easier for employers and their potential employees. When you’re writing a recommendation for someone what are some of the rules and requirements? How do you write a good paragraph without feeling rushed or disingenuous?  Here are a few tips for writing great LinkedIn recommendations.

  1. Start strong. It doesn’t have to take a dissertation to sell your recommendation to the reader. In fact, you want to knock their socks off with the first sentence. What you want is to engage them from the start so they feel compelled to read the rest of the description for themselves. Craft an exciting first sentence so the reader can see how awesome the person you’re recommending is for their potential job. However, try to avoid overused phrases that don’t sound authoritative such as “One of the best employees.” Instead, opt for something more personal such as “Organized and upbeat are just two of the words I would use to describe Fran.”
  2. Talk about how you know them. Next, it is important for the reader to understand why you are qualified to refer this individual in the first place. Talk a little about where you worked with them and how their performance directly impacted your quality of work. “I worked with Angela on a temporary administrative project where she was able pick up the pieces, reorganize, and complete it in a manner that surpassed our expectations.”
  3. Point out what makes them special. Now is the time to share the meat of the recommendation. Anyone can be organized or efficient but what really makes them different than any other candidate the potential employer is considering. Name one or two things that this person did for your company better than anyone else could. “George was able to direct the disaster recovery efforts even after other departments had tried and failed. He had the process up and running in a very short time with tremendous results.” Also be sure to point out strong parts of their personality and how wonderful they are to work with.
  4. Make your recommendation. The best way to close your LinkedIn recommendation is to let the reader know that you strongly endorse the candidate for any opportunity that fits their skills and abilities. “I have never worked with anyone like Tom before and firmly believe that he will excel in any environment where he is trusted to do his job the way he does it best.”

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