The Dallas Job Market: The Impact of Temporary Staffing

While the Dallas area has been consistently ranked number one for jobs among metropolitan areas there is one specific aspect of this success that has been overlooked. Temporary staffing has been a hallmark in the successful job market in the area. In spite of a slowdown in October of 2013 temporary staffing still grew twice as fast as other employment in the region. While many employees are looking for permanent work they may be missing out on opportunities through the staffing services in the area. Here is a look at the temporary job market in Dallas in 2013 and how it will carry over into the New Year.

  • The avoidance of temporary projects. So many candidates are shying away from opportunities with temporary staffing agencies in the region; however, this can be a detriment to the job search. While these positions may start at a lower salary and without benefits they are a doorway into permanent employment. Many local companies are working with agencies to help them with their hiring process and without starting as a temporary associate there is no opportunity at all.
  • The “try before you buy” attitude. Temporary-to-Hire is an agreement between a client company and an employment service. This allows for a company to assess a candidate’s job performance as they are working and determine if they are good fit for the job, the environment, and the team. This agreement usually lasts for 90 days and at the end of the time the company can choose to hire the employee on as a permanent staff member.
  • Short term projects for long term change. Other area corporations need additional help for large scale projects or changes in demand from their own clients. This is especially true for organizations such as call centers or industrial production. Employees who are flexible for these types of opportunities may have changes for long term employment that wouldn’t be open to candidates who do not share this level of flexibility. Staffing agencies love to have reliable and flexible employees to contact for these sorts of opportunities.

How do you think that temporary staffing can help your job search in the New Year? If you are looking for temp agencies in Dallas TX, contact us today.

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