Career Management: You Need a Plan

Your career, just like other relationships throughout your life, benefits from your care and attention. You get out what you put in. In order to have a great career it is important that you create a plan that you can refer to at various points along the way. Here four things to know about developing your own career plan.

  1. Be consistent. Career management shouldn’t be something you do once and never think about again. It involves reassessing and rethinking strategy and goals along the way. Each time you accept a new position, consider how it fits into your long term plans. If you are honest with yourself and determine that the new position doesn’t match your career plans you may want to turn down the position and keep seeking the right one.
  2. Do your homework. There are a lot of career management self-help books available and some are better than others. Reading is a useful exercise that can give you plenty of ideas for improving your career. However, if you don’t actively apply the principles that you’ve learned then reading the book was futile. Think about the best advice you’ve read and make an active plan to use it.
  3. Set your goals. The first step is to establish what you really want. Goals aren’t just about the end result. Sit down and think about the tasks that the goal requires. Write these down and check them off as you accomplish them. Once they are completed, you have reached your goal.
  4. Check your goals. As you continue your career management process, frequently check in with your goals and tasks. Have you stalled? Have you overachieved? It is important to revisit these lists frequently so you know where you are in the process.
  5. Correct your goals. If you find along the way that you have strayed from your vision or you have become stagnate in your role, it is time to consider the steps to take to correct your career path. If you have always intended to be a director but you are stuck at management level, what can you do to change your future? If you thought you wanted a career in accounting but find that Human Resources satisfies you more, consider how to alter your goals for the future.

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