Attract Candidates By Being Socially Conscious

“Social Consciousness” is a concept that many businesses are talking about today. As it turns out, companies who lead the pack in social programs are attracting the best talent to their doorsteps. Concerns about environmental and social issues are affecting everyone, and job seekers notice when a company takes a stand. You may want to consider the environmental impacts of your business, the ways you can make a difference in your community, and even how to encourage your employees to participate fully in their jobs. Here are the ways to make these programs work.

  • Think Green. Environmental awareness can start on a very small scale. A multi-million dollar restructure of your energy platforms is unnecessary to attract employees. Begin by implementing a recycling program in your office. Transition to a paperless environment to eliminate waste and promote conservation. These ideas can always grow as you begin to see their effect on your staff. Advertise these policies on your website, your email signature, and your company marketing plans to show that you care about your community.
  • Organize Volunteer Events. Develop programs that encourage your staff to volunteer their time within your region. Learn about issues and causes in your area and partner with local nonprofit organizations to make a difference right in your own back yard. The more personal the cause the more your employees will want to participate. Talk to your team and see what kinds of volunteering opportunities they would like to see happen in your company.
  • Effective Communication. It is important for businesses to be transparent about their policies and plans. Employees don’t like being kept in the dark about the company’s motivations or results of major projects. An employee wants to know that their voice is being heard and that their contribution makes a difference. Allow your team to make suggestions and then figure out the best way to implement them. Your team will recognize how their role is an important function in the business and it will encourage them to participate more fully in upcoming projects.

Do you want to work with a company who takes social consciousness seriously? Reach out to CornerStone Staffing today to find out how we work with the community.

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