It’s Not Always About the Money

Do you know what motivates your employees to come to work each day? Many employers would probably cite money as the primary reason employees show up for work every day. But there are, in fact, many other reasons employees choose to work for your company (yup, your employees choose to work with you!).

You can help ensure happier employees who are invested in your company by offering additional means of support and motivation for their workdays (besides salary!). Here are just a few examples:

  • Offer ample opportunity for advancement. Very few people want to do the same. Exact. Thing. Every day for the rest of their lives. It’s in our very human nature – we want to grow, learn and achieve. So be sure to provide your employees with opportunities to advance in their careers. Set defined career paths during annual reviews. Offer help and assistance for your employees to reach their goals. And be available for questions or concerns regarding your employees’ career paths and goals.
  • Be flexible. Flexible work arrangements are becoming increasingly common within organizations across the country and globe. Technology has made the difference between an off-site employee and one just around the corner nearly indiscernible. Your employees may be seeking more flexibility in their work arrangement. Whether they want a work-from-home opportunity, are seeking more flexible hours, or are looking for other means of flexibility, be open to suggestions, wherever possible. Your employees will appreciate the effort, and will be happier with their jobs.
  • Provide teambuilding opportunities. We work with them every day, and yet for some of us, we hardly know the person in the next cubicle. We’re talking about co-workers, and the ability to work together as a team is essential to a successful business. And when your employees know and appreciate the people they work with, they’ll feel like more of a team, and less of an “office drone.” Once a quarter (or how often you can afford it), take your team (or if you’re a larger company, a department) offsite and engage in a teambuilding exercise. Putt putt. Bowling. Or get creative. The opportunities are endless, and the results are great.

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