Keep Your Team Motivated in 2012

Do you use teambuilders to keep your team motivated? Particularly at this time of year, with holiday stress and responsibilities, employees may become distracted and lose their focus. You can help your team refresh, prepare for 2012, and keep productivity humming by scheduling regular teambuilders for your organization.

Fun, light-hearted teambuilders can be the most effective.

Fun teambuilders can have a profound impact on your employees and their productivity. The following three ideas offer creative options for teambuilders that can help your team achieve more:

1. Decorate for the holidays. An offsite teambuilder may not be a good idea for stressed employees with too much on their schedules. So why not take an afternoon and let your employees decorate the office for the holidays? You can provide some of the decorations, and you can also encourage your employees to bring their own from home. To up the ante a bit, you can even offer prizes to some of the most original decorations!

2. Hit the stage. Do your employees have hidden talents? Why not pool together the unique talents of your employees – talents you don’t get to see everyday in their jobs – and put on a show? Whether a play, or an old-fashioned talent show, involve your entire team in the production (employees who don’t want to perform can organize scripts, paint set pieces, and other behind the scenes tasks). To add a personal touch, you can sell tickets in the community and donate the profits to charity.

3. Get competitive. Looking for ways to blow off some extra steam? Assemble your employees and get involved in an indoor sporting league. Or, if your town has an indoor golf facility, take the team out for an afternoon of putt putt. To ensure all employees can be included, regardless of physical ability, consider a league opportunity where some employees can participate as referees or “coaches” as well.

When you take the time and small investment to engage your employees in teambuilders, the short- and long-term rewards can have a dramatic impact. And if you’re looking to add to your team, contact CornerStone Staffing.


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