From Personnel Management to Business Strategy: The Evolution of Human Resources

From Personnel Management to Business Strategy: The Evolution of Human Resources

Going back to the days of the American Industrial Revolution, HR professionals have played an essential role in the success of businesses across the country. Over the past 100 years; however, the role has seen some changes.

The role of human resources continues to expand and evolve.

Hiring and managing employees is an essential part of the typical HR professional’s role. Yet, as time marches forward and businesses continue to grow, the role of human resources has become much more in-depth and strategic.  Today’s HR professionals:

Impact Organizational Effectiveness.

HR professionals must understand the history, current situation, and future goals of an organization. With a profound understanding of the organization, your HR team can assist you with strategic planning and workforce management, helping to increase productivity and reduce cost.

An effective HR team will help devise succession plans, formalize organizational structure and define training plans designed to maximize efficiency and decrease transition time.

Perform Essential Business Functions.

At its core, HR encompasses essential business functions, including: managing employee information, processing payroll, recording time and attendance and establishment of company policies.

Hire and Manage Personnel to Maximize Productivity and Profit.

Your HR team will define skills and experience necessary for employees to thrive within the organization, and will use various resources to recruit and hire the best employees.

Are technology and media experts (well, sort of).

Today’s human resources professionals typically use an application tracking system (ATS) for recruitment, employee portals for internal communication and testing software,  among others. HR professionals also understand and use social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – many HR pros use the sites nearly every day.

Help ensure your top employees stay where they belong.

Today’s HR professionals do more than hire new employees, they are responsible for designing and implementing employee retention plans. An effective employee retention plan is an essential component to continued success in today’s economy.

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