2022 Recruitment Strategies

2020 and 2021 proved challenging years in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We would have expected a variety of trends for hiring, but that all changed when companies had to shut down or transition to remote work quickly in the spring two years ago. However, many of these changes were inevitable and would have occurred slowly over time; we just had the excitement of being thrown into the deep end. So, what are the best 2022 professional talent acquisition solutions to consider in your strategies?


The Great Resignation It may be possible that you’re just hearing too much about The Great Resignation, but if we’re not willing to accept the lessons, history will repeat itself. The pandemic fueled the Great Resignation, but the issues causing it were festering for a long time. It’s led by mid-level employees across tech and healthcare and people working in the service industry.


This means several things for companies looking to hire new talent and retain their current staff.

1. You can work with information technology staffing and recruiting services to source new talent with transferable skills.

2. You can upskill your current team to keep them engaged and continue your technological advancement.

3. And you can adjust your current company culture to include more flexibility, such as four-day work weeks and permanent remote work environments.


Your partnership with technical recruiting and placement services can help you navigate the stormy sea of The Great Resignation.


Continued Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A study last year showed that 42% of candidates would turn down a job offer if the company didn’t have a clear plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Its become a significant issue, especially for younger workers, and will continue to be a driving force in the workplace moving forward. DEI is an integral part of growth for organizations, and hiring for a diversity of mindsets creates a more innovative environment for the entire team.

However, DEI needs to be an initiative at every level of your organization. You should focus on hiring from diverse sources throughout your business, including management and decision-making roles.

Professional talent acquisition solutions will help you determine a more robust recruitment process to ensure that you’re hiring top talent with various backgrounds.


A Sense of Belonging

While employees, by and large, embraced remote work, it brought up another concern for many people. Individuals crave a sense of belonging in their organization. Work-from-home created situations in many cases where people recognized that they didn’t feel as though they belonged, which was one of the drivers of The Great Resignation. So companies need to focus on making everyone feel like part of the team, even if they’re working off-site.

Focusing your hiring strategy on shared values is just one piece of the puzzle and can be facilitated by job search recruitment agencies. Once new employees start, a robust onboarding process can help them get off on the right foot and give them all the tools and information they need to succeed.


Fostering Career Development

Another critical value cited by incoming employees is the desire for career development. When employees stagnate, they grow restless and look for other opportunities. So providing training for upskilling or reskilling becomes valuable to their professional well-being and your employee retention strategies.

It starts with hiring employees with the drive and ambition to grow within your organization. For example, suppose you partner with financial services recruiting firms to hire for your organization. In that case, it’s easier to move current finance employees into more advanced positions and hire additional entry-level employees. When you hire around your existing team, they notice and become frustrated.


Working with Job Search Recruitment Agencies

The most important take-away from the last two years is that companies don’t need to do all of this alone. Having the support of a staffing partner will be crucial to your success in the future. Choosing the right provider will be an essential part of your hiring strategies, from information technology staffing and recruiting services to administrative job recruiters.


Do you want to know what recruitment strategies will be essential to your business?

Talk to the CornerStone administrative staffing and recruiting agency team to find out how we can help you throughout your talent acquisition process.

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