Avoid Feeling Burned Out This Winter

It’s been a rough couple of years. Many of us are just hanging on, and now that the holidays are here again, we feel like we need and deserve a break. Burnout is expected in the winter months, especially when we have to split our focus between work, family, and holiday obligations. It can get overwhelming, but there are some things you can do to feel less burned out. Here is some advice.

Get a New Perspective

Sometimes all it takes to change your mindset is a new perspective. Try not to dwell on the negative things and look for the positives in all situations. If you’re feeling down about something, take time to think of three positive things happening in your life. That might be enough to change your perspective and give you the energy you need to get back to work.

Plan Ahead

Burnout often happens when we feel like we’re not in control. Instead of letting that be the dominating feeling, take ownership of what’s happening. Plan ahead so you know what’s coming up. Keep a planner or a calendar where you can cross off your to-do list each day. That can help you feel accomplished and see what other tasks you have to complete.

Take Time for Yourself

All work and no play are not good for the soul. It’s essential to take time to yourself, especially during a busy time of the year. Plan some time to be alone and do something that you genuinely love to do, even if that’s just relaxing with Netflix or a good book. This break from your life can recharge you and get you ready to face the next project.

Talk to Someone

You don’t have to do this alone. If you’re feeling burned out, you should talk to someone about it. You can talk to friends and family to get their perspectives on your situation. You can talk to your boss about changing your role or shuffling things around so you’re not so overwhelmed. You can also speak to a mental health professional to better understand how you respond to stress and learn techniques to manage it.

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