Tools for Assessing and Making Better Hires in 2021

Nearly a decade ago, we took a look at tools used to make better hiring decisions. Many, such as background checks and skills testing, are still useful to determine employee eligibility, but the employment market has changed. So has the technology we use to assess candidates. Here are a few more tools available today to help hiring managers assess potential employees and make good, informed hiring decisions.  


This resume sorting software was developed in conjunction with behavioral therapists to create an online application process that reduced bias. It allows the user to review resumes anonymously and to assess them in comparison to one another. Unconscious bias can be a big barrier to equal opportunities, so your hiring managers need to do their part to assess everyone fairly.  


Skills assessments have always been a big part of the hiring assessment process. While there have been a lot of potential options in the past, they don’t always keep up with the advancements of technology. That’s why eSkill is popular today. It offers customizable skills assessments for a variety of job categories 


Behavioral testing is also something used by a lot of companies to determine personality fit in their workplace. But behavioral testing can be a slippery slope if not used correctly. That’s why using a website like Plum, an awarding winning behavioral testing platform, will keep your company compliant while still getting the info you need.  


You also know that soft skills are critical for employee success. But how exactly do to measure or evaluate someone’s communication skills, problemsolving skills, or leadership skills? You can do it with Pymetrics. This evaluation measures specific cognitive traits to give you a more complete picture of your potential hire.  

Staffing Partners 

Of course, none of these individual tools are as valuable as partnering with a staffing agency in Phoenix or Dallas. A recruiter will work with your hiring manager and submit pre-screened and qualified administrative staffing candidates who are the best match for the open position based on skills assessments, soft skills, behavioral traits, and more.  

Do You Need to Partner with an Administrative Staffing Agency?

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