How Do I Respond to a Counter Offer?

You found a new job and gave your employer your notice. But now, they’ve thrown you a curveball. What happens when a company provides you with a counteroffer? If you were leaving your position, you must consider some things before responding to your current employer. Here is some advice for properly responding to a counteroffer and determining your next step.

Be Grateful

Regardless of the final decision, you should always demonstrate your gratitude for the offer. By acting ambivalent, you may impact the chances of anything positive coming out of the experience. Thank your managers for the opportunity, but also follow the remaining steps to ensure that you’re making the right decision for your career.

Ask for Reasonable Time

Next, ask them for time to consider the offer. If they need you to make a decision immediately, the benefit is not for you. You’ve already accepted another offer, so if they don’t give you this time to consider, then you may already know your answer. If they do provide you with time to respond, don’t take advantage of it and take too long to give your current employer or the other company an answer.

Consider Your Why

Now is the time to consider all the reasons you were looking for a new job in the first place. What made you interview? Was it the commute time? The salary? Future job growth? Consider how these things might look at your current company and determine if anything would really change if you were to stay where you are.

Don’t Play Games

It may seem like the right opportunity to go back to the new company to see about leverage your counteroffer for more money. But this can majorly backfire. If you want to keep the new company on the table, don’t play games. Simply weigh the information you currently have to make a decision and give an answer.

Provide a Thoughtful Response

Regardless of the answer you’ll give, be thoughtful in your response. If you decide to decline your counteroffer, express your gratitude again and reiterate your resignation letter. Indicate you will still work out your notice. If you accept it, be sure to tell the new company that you need to decline their offer as soon as possible so they can move on with their next steps.

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