How Do You Attract Passive Job Seekers

What is a passive job seeker? They are individuals not currently looking for a job but who might consider an offer if the right opportunity presented itself. That means you have to do a little extra work sourcing them and connecting to them. Once you have made contact, you also need to provide the reasons that moving to your company would be advantageous to their career. How do you do this? Here are some tips for attracting passive job seekers to your company. 

Source LinkedIn

The vast majority of people on LinkedIn are professionals currently happy in their roles. But you can still reach out to them to talk about open positions in your company. When you do a search on the site, you’ll find both passive and active job seekers, but don’t keep your responses just to the active searchers. You never know when someone might be open to the idea of discussing a new opportunity.


Getting out face-to-face in your community is another way you can find passive candidates. Professionals at these events may not be thinking about wanting a change when they first meet you, but you can begin the conversation with them. Look at events in your area that match the skills you are seeking and begin attending.

Use Social Media

Social media, beyond LinkedIn, is also a perfect place to find passive candidates. When you’re active on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you have the ability to reach an audience of passive observers. Some of them may be interested in what you have to offer even if they weren’t considering a new opportunity at the time.

Read Blogs

Here’s an interesting way to find potential candidates who may not be looking for a job. Read blogs from individuals who are subject matter experts in your field. They want to present themselves as the resource for the subject, so feel free to reach out to them to talk about any opportunities you may have. Show them that you appreciate their talent in your company.

Focus on Company Culture

Of course, all of this is how to source and connect to passive candidates, but what makes them switch from passive to active? How do you convince someone that they should consider your opportunity rather than staying where they are? While money and schedule are two very important topics that make people change their mind, the company culture is most important. Show them that you’re an employer of choice through your actions and environment.

Do you want to attract passive candidates to your open jobs?

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