Ghosting – Why Are Candidates No-Showing Interviews?

We all know what ghosting is by now, but how does it apply to the job search? We often think it’s something unique to dating apps and other social media, but more companies are experiencing ghosting regularly when they begin talking with candidates. The truth is, it’s a phenomenon that’s been happening for a long time, but our culture didn’t have this shared vocabulary. Why are candidates ghosting companies? Here’s a closer look.

Candidates have the upper hand.

The market has flipped. Since the recovery from the recession, companies are facing a talent shortage and candidates know that. When candidates have the advantage, they are less likely to be concerned about burning bridges. This is a poor long-term strategy, but that doesn’t stop it from happening in the short-term.

Something better came along.

They may have had a job offer from another source and they simply accepted it without notifying the other companies in the hunt. In some cases, it’s best just to let them go and not to give it a second thought. If the candidate is a gem, feel free to reach out and see if you can’t reconnect. You may not make contact, but it could be worth it.

Afraid of uncomfortable conversations.

Another issue some job seekers might face is a fear or feeling of anxiety when having difficult conversations with someone. They may have concerns about the job or may want to negotiate salary. Instead of having that conversation, they may choose to leave the entire thing on the table and move on to an interaction they perceive as easier.

Perception of ghosting from the other side.

There may also be a case where a candidate feels they have already been ghosted by you or your company. If they don’t feel they’ve gotten the right updates at the right times, they may feel they’re no longer in the running. The truth is, you’re busy running your company and may not have had a chance to further communicate. Make this a priority with applicants you’ve interviewed.

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