Are You Turning Away Potential Job Candidates?

Are You Turning Away BlogOne of the biggest complaints that recruiters hear from client companies is that there just aren’t any good candidates available. The truth is, they may be turning away, or turning off, potential candidates with their application and hiring process alone. Here are some things you can do to improve your processes and attract the best potential new hires to your company.

Have a mobile presence.

The Internet has changed everything, and if you don’t embrace the positives of how these search strategies affect the job search process then you will be left behind. Job seekers are looking for quick access to jobs and application processes. If your competition has a mobile presence and you don’t, you will be overlooked by the top talent. Consult web specialists to learn how to optimize your site for mobile devices. Make the experience easier for web site visitors, not something that is frustrating and sends them to a competitor.

Keep it simple.

An online application also needs to be simple. Far too many employers feel like they need to create multiple hoops for their candidates to jump through so they can pre-screen the potential employees before they ever see a resume. While this sounds like it would save time, it also discourages qualified people from applying. A one-button system to submit a resume will get you a better pool of potential candidates. You are able to accumulate applications and contact information for potential job seekers. If they aren’t qualified for this job, which you can determine after they originally applied, you have their information for future communication of job postings more appropriate for their skills.

Provide a timeline.

When someone applies with your system, let them know how long each step of the process takes. Continuously remind them as they move on to the next step. For instance, you can have an auto reply that will let them know their resume will be reviewed and if they meet the qualifications they will be contacted within a week. If they want more information, provide an option to contact.

Follow up.

Professionals always encourage employees and job candidates to avoid burning bridges, but employers should take the advice as well. Always follow up with candidates even if you don’t plan to hire them. They could be a fit for a future job. Or, they could end up working with a vendor. Following up allows them to always know where they stand with your company.

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