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What exactly is “Employee Engagement” and what does it mean for your business? Engaging employees is about keeping them interested not only in their job but also the company. This will keep them productive and happy. For example; have you noticed employees spending more time than they should on Facebook? This is because they feel as though a quick, or not so quick, Facebook break is more interesting than their jobs. This time on social media can cost employers quite a bit of money. The solution is not to ban Facebook in the office but rather turn your attention to what can make your employees feel more engaged. Here are three tips for focusing on your employment in engagement strategy.

  1. Employees and their direct supervisors. The relationship your employees have with their immediate boss is the most important one to cultivate. If individuals do not get along or feel comfortable with one another the downward spiral of disengagement will be difficult to overcome. One primary issue comes from the generation gap. The great divide between the work ethic of Generation Y and Baby Boomers is vast and even the differences between Gen Y and Gen X can seem extreme. However, Generation Y is a looking for deeper relationships with bosses. They want mentors who can help them reach their greatest potential. The first step, rather than talking to the employees, is to talk with your management team. Find out what is working and what isn’t and consider ideas for improvement, including additional management training.
  2. Communication. Effective management has superior communication skills. Much of the breakdown in employee engagement comes from the inability to understand what is expected of them. If you want your employees to trust you and your management team it is imperative that communication be clear and thorough. Keep your employees aware not only of the processes and procedures but also the goals and even the financial requirements of any project. This will make them understand exactly why they should spend their time focused on the project. Also be sure to reward employees who do an exceptional job. Employees like to feel appreciated and everyone on the team will see that the company has a culture of gratitude.
  3. Develop values for your organization. In a globally conscious world more and more employees are looking to work for a company that cares for the environment and people. In fact, in several recent HR surveys suggest candidates would work for less money if the company that employed them were focused on sustainability and social responsibility. When interviewing new candidates for your open jobs make the culture fit a priority. If the employee fits your company values and is excited to work for you they are likely to be more engaged at the start and stay that way.

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