Rachael R, July 2018

I am so very happy with my CornerStone Staffing experience. From the moment she contacted me, Markeisha was kind, professional, and thorough. She placed me at a job that I truly love that allows me to use my current knowledge but still learn so much more about my field’s industry. Not to mention the company’s values line up with my own. I am not sure I could be this happy at another place of employment. I have been here just over a month, and truly hope I make it as a permanent employee.

I have remained in contact with Markeisha through email, just to ask various questions here and there. She has been prompt and courteous in her responses. I have not been left hanging on anything, as even when Markeisha was out of the office, another CornerStone associate contacted me (Leigh). I honestly do feel like this temporary agency is my advocate, and wants me to be successful.