5 Hiring Tips Every Recruiter Can Try

Every company, regardless of the industry, is dealing with significant challenges in hiring right now. So how can you attract top talent to your company? A few simple recruiting tricks and tips can help you find new ways to source great local candidates. Here are five tips you can start using to boost your recruiting efforts today.

Employee Referrals

Good people refer good people. Your current employees are a fantastic resource for finding new talent. Tapping into referrals can give you access to great potential employees and also make your current team feel involved in the experience. Create a program that pays current team members a bonus for new employees who start with you.

Improve the Candidate Experience

Potential candidates get a first impression of your company quickly, and their application experience usually informs it. Companies that have created complicated application processes will often lose out on qualified candidates who abandon the application before completing it. Improve your candidate experience by making the application simple to use and compatible with mobile devices.

Focus on Onboarding

Hiring doesn’t end when you give a job offer. Your new employee also needs to feel like they are given the tools they need to succeed when they start their job. Onboarding isn’t just paperwork and training; it includes an orientation into the company culture.

Hire Collaboratively

Making hiring decisions doesn’t just have to be the responsibility of one person. Your new employee won’t work in a bubble. They will be involved in a community of employees. Work with your team to collaboratively interview potential candidates to determine who might be the best fit in your overall working environment.

Make Your Job Descriptions Pop

Job descriptions can also turn off potential applicants. They don’t want to see a laundry list of duties and experience you expect. They want to know why they should apply with your company, what makes you unique, and how they see themselves working with you.

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