Turn that Bad Hire Around

Turn that Bad Hire Around It can be very frustrating when you realize your newest hire isn’t living up to your expectations. There are a number of reasons the seemingly perfect employee crashes and burns once they start working with you. But that doesn’t mean your first resort needs to be termination. There may be ways to rescue that bad hire and tap into the potential you saw when you met with them the first time. Here are some ideas to turn everything around.

Address the issue privately and create a plan.

Before you do anything drastic, talk with the employee about your concerns. Address some of the issues that have come up since they started working and any inconsistencies from their interview. Then, work with them to create a plan to make improvements in their performance, productivity, time management, team skills or whatever is hindering their success. Addressing these issues in public won’t help the situation. Your first instinct should be to sit down and create a plan that works for everyone in your department.

Focus on attitude.

The right attitude is important, but not just for the employee. Both of you may need to change your attitude about the situation. While you can’t always change someone else’s behavior, you can change your reaction to it. Maybe look at why you perceive that the new hire is not performing up to your standards and react appropriately by changing your own attitude. It may help improve the relationship. Everyone learns differently. What took most of your employees one duration of time make take this employee longer. Be patient.

Make them feel part of the team.

Sometimes a new employee doesn’t seem to gel with the team and that can cause misfires when they are attempting to acclimate to the business. Work with your existing team to make the new employee feel welcome. This can help them not only with an adjustment period but they may learn some better habits from your staff.

Do everything you can.

Before you decide to simply pull the plug, make sure that you, your staff and the new employee have done everything possible. If, at that time, things still aren’t working out the way both parties would like to see, you can move on to another option and terminate the employee. Be sure that you remain professional and help them with the transition as much as possible.

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