I just moved here to Texas from California. I am very impressed with how fast CornerStone Staffing in Fort Worth was able to find me a job. Amber was very helpful and I have enjoyed being able to work with her. The staff is also very helpful. I am very pleased with how the whole process was.

Wendy E., August 2018

CornerStone in Fort Worth TX has been great to work with in helping me to find long term to permanent employment. Shortly after moving to Texas I started my employment at CornerStone. They had provided me with great service and a job position right away. Lindsey has been great in helping with this process. Thank you for all the great work!!

Judith Y., July 2018

Michelle at CornerStone on Summit was amazing! She helped me so much with my job search and answered all my questions. She also prepared me the best way possible to get the job I really really wanted!! Finally that Friday I got the call that I was offered the job. I am thankful for CornerStone and Michelle!

Alrep T., June 2018

CornerStone Staffing provided exceptional service from the moment I walked through the door. Michelle became my staffing manager and she was extremely helpful. It was not even a few days when I received my first interview and did a great job in preparing me for the interview since I got the job. She did a great job in answering any questions I may have had during my time at the job and now I am permanently in my position.

Victor G., May 2018

Lindsey with CornerStone Staffing is absolutely amazing! She did not give up, until she found a position for me; she’s a very kind and most professional..
Thank you Lindsey!!!

Kimberley R., April 2018

CornerStone Staffing is the first employment agency that I have ever worked with. I’m so glad that I decided to do it! Amanda has been great helping me find employment. She has given me great advice, is always very helpful and friendly. Always makes you feel like she cares about you and works very hard for you. I would recommend CornerStone to anyone looking for employment.

Cathy B., March 2018

They were professional, helpful, and direct (which I appreciate). Today was my first time there to do my paperwork and I walked out of there with an interview for Baylor. I am very impressed and pleased with this company. Thank you CornerStone!

Beatriz R., February 2019

I went to CornerStone and I was given work to help in the meantime while I am being reviewed for another job. The staff were great!

Erica J., February 2019

I had a great experience working with CornerStone Staffing. My recruiters name was Alicia who made my onboarding experience great. She was very friendly also. She gave me an assignment with The City of Dallas where I meet the program manger (for my assignment) Tara; who was very kind also. I appreciate them both. I’ve now been hired with the city and can thank them for playing a role in that. I’d definitely recommend CornerStone Staffing (and them) to others.

Lamont W., January 2019

CornerStone has amazing staff. Alicia’s very professional, efficient, and good at her job. She also has an infectiously positive demeanor. CornerStone has already out-shined every other staffing agency at first glance because of the professional, friendly and accommodating service they give to not only their clients, but their applicants as well. I enjoyed every interaction with CornerSstone Staffing and intend to make sure we forge a lasting working relationship.

Marquis A., January 2019