If you are a job seeker who is looking for an agency with nice, professional, friendly people I highly recommend trying out CornerStone. They made the process fast and easy. Markeisha was my representative and I’m SO Thankful for her. She helped me to find the career of my dreams. A place that’s loving, caring, and family oriented, with great pay!

Jennifer B., September 2018

I am so very happy with my CornerStone Staffing experience. From the moment she contacted me, Markeisha was kind, professional, and thorough. She placed me at a job that I truly love that allows me to use my current knowledge but still learn so much more about my field’s industry. Not to mention the company’s values line up with my own. I am not sure I could be this happy at another place of employment. I have been here just over a month, and truly hope I make it as a permanent employee.

I have remained in contact with Markeisha through email, just to ask various questions here and there. She has been prompt and courteous in her responses. I have not been left hanging on anything, as even when Markeisha was out of the office, another CornerStone associate contacted me (Leigh). I honestly do feel like this temporary agency is my advocate, and wants me to be successful.

Rachael R, July 2018

This is by far one of the best agencies I’ve worked with. They are very professional, and will work hard to keep you busy working. Belinda, as well as the rest of the staff, are absolutely outstanding!

Dionne C., May 2018

I came into CornerStone thinking short term. But the support I received from them, they had long term in mind. I was hired on as a permanent employee with their support. Maria and Leigh, thank you so much for all of your help and understanding. Rough patches and frustrating moments, but you guys pulled through for me. Thank you so much!

Nia M., April 2018

This was the first temp agency that I have ever used and i was very impressed with the professionalism. My recruiter Markeisha was fantastic I am now working full time for the company as a permanent employee!

Ash K., March 2018

Best Temp Agency in DFW!!!…and not only are they professional, the recruiters go Above & Beyond to match candidates with assignments that enhance Skill Sets. Belinda, you are One in a million!!! ..I am enjoying my Dream Job.

Ckirongothi, February 2018

Great experience and very professional office staff. They placed with a wonderful job assignment based on my experience and passion! Thank you Norma for all your help you are awesome!

Quinn A., February 2019

Fantastic service, overall would highly recommend to all my friends. Cathryn was so friendly and kept me updated during the hiring process 🙂

Hector B., October 2018

I came back to CornerStone as a rehire! Jamie has been the most helpful person in the past and now plus she’s so informative. She assigned me to a job immediately and was most professional. I would recommend Jamie for your job search. She is on TOP!! Five stars for JAMIE!!! 🙂

Diana H., July 2018

Emilee was wonderful. From the first time I met her I felt she had my best interest at heart. She went far and beyond from what I could have ever expected. She made my experience at CornerStone Staffing amazing! I would recommend my closest friends to come see her or this office! Thank you and feeling so blessed to have met you guys.

Mario, April 2018