Avoiding Winter Slips and Falls

Winter months present additional hazards that employees like you typically don’t encounter during warmer weather. Specifically, you may risk experiencing major slips or falls amid snowy and icy conditions, which could lead to serious injuries. Consider the following recommendations to prevent slip and fall incidents this winter:

Wear shoes that provide traction on snow and ice; footwear should be made of slip-resistant materials (e.g., rubber or steel). Avoid plastic and leather-soled shoes or boots.

Exercise caution when entering and exiting vehicles. Use them for balance and support.

Walk only in designated areas that are safe for foot traffic. Look ahead to the path in front of you to identify possible hazards.

Avoid inclines that are typically difficult to walk up or down, as they may be more treacherous in winter conditions.

Take small steps to maintain your center of balance and walk slowly—never run. Despite the cold temperatures, keeping your hands out of your pockets can help you maintain your balance and allow you to break a fall should you slip.

Use handrails, walls or anything stationary to assist in steadying your feet.

Test a potentially slippery area before stepping on it by tapping your foot on the surface first. Steer clear of roof edges, floor openings and other drop-offs to further avoid slipping hazards.

Dry your shoes or boots on floor mats when entering a building to remove excess moisture.

Report any slip and fall hazards you detect on the job immediately.

Talk to your supervisor for more information on staying safe at work during winter weather.

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