How to Inspire Your Team When Holiday Productivity Takes a Hit

It’s hard to believe the holidays are almost here again. After Thanksgiving, we all start feeling a little less interested in the office and more excited about celebrations. That means productivity can begin to take a hit this time of year, and if you’re not diligent, the entire month of December can be wasted time. So how can you keep your team engaged even when their mind is on food and fun? Here are a few things you can do to inspire your team when holiday productivity takes a hit.

Offer Flexible Scheduling

Offering flexible schedules during the holiday is a great way to recharge and reenergize your staff if you have it in your power. They feel pulled in so many different directions that time off can help them feel more in control. If you can’t offer fully flexible schedules for December, consider giving them a day off to run holiday-related errands or closing early on Fridays.

Hold a Contest

Contests during the holidays can get everyone in the spirit. One of the most popular is an office, department, or workspace decorating contest. Each employee or team decorates their workspace, and the results are voted on by the entire company or management staff. People can bring items from home or make their own.

Get Festive

Along with decorating the space, it can help to get festive this time of year. If everyone agrees, play holiday music. Plan holiday luncheons or time for your team to gather together to celebrate while still on the clock. Incorporate your customer base as well. It’s the season for celebration, so get everyone involved.

Hire Temp Workers

If your team is still feeling burned out, it may be time to call in some help. Hiring seasonal employees for the holidays is a win-win for everyone. You’re giving your team a much-needed break or assistance in their daily duties while helping someone else earn some extra money during the holiday season.

Can a Seasonal Workforce Help Your Phoenix or Dallas Based Business?

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