How do You List Your Second Language on Your Resume?

Bilingual professionals are in demand right now. Having bilingual or multilingual employees benefits both the company and the customer base, especially in customer service. But how do you promote your language skills on your resume? There are a few ways you can highlight your background. Here are the details for where, when, and how to include them in your application.

Be Honest

There is a broad spectrum of language skills. You can fall anywhere between a native speaker to someone who took a few classes. You must be honest with potential employers about your skills, or you run the risk of putting yourself in a complicated situation. You may have verbal skills but don’t do as well with reading. It may still be acceptable, depending on your role. Be clear if your skills are basic, conversational, fluent, or native.

Best Placement on Resume

In your resume, include your language skills in your opening paragraph or summary statement. If you use this as a list of accomplishments, use an example of how your languages skills benefited a previous employer. This helps an employer decide if you’re a good candidate for the role. Include the language or languages you speak and your skill level.

Include Formal education

If your language skills were developed as a part of your educational experience, such as college courses, you would want to include that in the education section of your resume. Most applicants will list the college name and the degree they’ve earned, but with language, you want to add how long you studied and had any practical application such as study abroad programs.

Tailor Your Resume

If another language is required for the job and you possess the skills, be sure to adjust your resume to reflect those needs. You want the hiring manager to immediately see you have the experience they want and give you a call. You always want to add examples that help them see how your language skills benefit employers.

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