Does Your Company Need Sign-On Bonuses for Call Center Employees?

We’ve all seen the news and the “now hiring” signs around town. There is a big problem with companies finding talent for open positions. That’s especially true for service industry and blue-collar jobs. Customer Service has been one of the hardest-hit industries since the pandemic began. What can companies do now to entice people to come back to work? Many employers are taking a creative approach, including the use of sign-on bonuses for call center workers. Could that be right for you? Let’s take a closer look.  

 The Details of Sign-On Bonuses 

According to a recent discussion on the Wall Street Journal’s Your Money Briefing Podcast, sign-on bonuses for employees can take multiple forms. They discussed that bonuses could be anywhere from just a couple hundred dollars to even tens of thousands of dollars depending on the exact industry. And nearly 20% of the jobs currently posted on the job board ZipRecruiter offer a sign-on bonus. It’s suggested to stay competitive that a sign-on bonus should be at least $250 to be paid after the new employee completes a certain number of days on the job.  

Attracting Top Customer Service Talent 

But a sign-on bonus is only one factor in improving hiring and retention policies. With more difficulty filling, more money or extra money aren’t the only considerations. Employees want to work with companies who go the extra mile to make their place of employment somewhere people want to work. That includes improving the employer brand, making the workplace safe, and providing additional development to allow for longer-term engagement.  

Creative Solutions 

The first step is to determine your budget for the signing bonus. Once you’ve settled on a number, you can begin to think about additional ways to increase hiring and retention. Some strategies include:  

  • Technology training programs 
  • Provide pathways to leadership roles 
  • Promote the accessibility of jobs without degrees 
  • Increase additional benefits 

Partner with a Call Center Staffing Provider 

Another way to find top talent call center is to partner with a staffing agency. Our recruiters have access to an expansive network to tap into employees looking for both long and short-term work. They’ll be able to add a valuable contribution to your workplace, even if it’s for only a limited assignment. Or, you may discover talent interested in working with you long-term.  

Do you want to know more about working with CornerStone Staffing to help you find top talent? Call us today.  



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