5 Tips to Effectively Onboard Virtual Employees

2020 saw the rise of a virtual workforce. Roles that could work from home shifted, and many will continue in that way for the foreseeable future. When bringing new employees into a virtual workplace, they must have a good onboarding experience. Here are five things you can do to make your virtual employees’ experience even better.

New Employee Paperwork

There was a time when your new employee would come in for their first day and spend several hours filling out new hire paperwork. With a virtual work environment, you can get this all set up ahead of their start date. E-signature options allow your newest team members to complete their required compliance paperwork before their first day, which can help them get acclimated faster.

Collaborative Tool Access

How do you run your virtual environment? Many companies working virtually utilize collaborative platforms to enhance communications between team members and departments. Your new employee may have questions, so provide access to your collaborative tools so they can ask and get answers in real-time.

First Day Welcome Package

Because a virtual workplace gives you the flexibility to do a lot of the paperwork ahead of their start date, day one can be a more relaxed and motivating welcome. Send your new team member a welcome package that will arrive on their first day of work. It can include fun items, gift cards, and company swag. Host a virtual meeting to introduce them to their team or the rest of the organization so everyone can put a face to a name.

Establish Expectations

To kick remote training off on the right foot, it’s important to establish expectations as early as possible. Set benchmarks so you and your new employee can measure their performance as they learn. It can also be helpful to pair them with a mentor in your company to help answer questions and foster productivity for your remote workers.

Focus on Communication

Onboarding isn’t something that should only last a few days. It’s a process, and as management, you need to check in with your new employee regularly. You can set regular meeting times and be sure to communicate frequently to provide constructive feedback and positive encouragement.

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