No Computer? No Problem! How to Write Your Resume Without One

Our world turned on a dime in 2020 as people and businesses had to shift gear to prioritize safety in the face of a global pandemic. As companies started working remotely, hiring processes also needed to transition. Job seekers are now faced with more online applications they can access from their mobile phones. If you use your phone for most of your online interaction, you can still create a formal resume that will draw the right attention. Here are some resources to get you started.

Formatting Your Mobile Resume

Did you know that some recruiters review resumes from their phone or tablet? As professionals transitioned from the office to working from home, their work habits changed as well. To stand out, you want to optimize your resume for mobile viewing. There are two important things to keep in mind:

  • Use two- or three-line blocks of text
  • Choose a readable font

Microsoft Word

You can download MS Word on your mobile device, giving you a chance to download a previously made resume or create a new one right on your phone. It allows you to review or edit documents even when you’re on the go. Word also includes several resume templates.

Google Docs

Similarly, you can also use Google Docs through a Google Drive app on your phone. This will also give you the flexibility to shift between devices and access your resume when you’re applying to jobs online. If you don’t have MS Word, Google Docs is a great free alternative.

Android Apps

If you have an Android smartphone, check out these apps:

  • Pocket Resume
  • Resume Builder
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Indeed

ZipRecruiter and Indeed are online job boards, and you can create your resume directly through the app to submit to new positions.

iOS Apps

If you have an iPhone or iPad, Apple has these options in their app store:

  • Resume Genius
  • Resume Designer 3
  • Winning Resume
  • Quick resume

Check out the Android Apps and iOS Apps here.

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