How Do You Hire the Best Talent for Your Call Center?

Your call center is often the first line of communication with customers. And with a global economy and online business, having the right people on your call center team will be essential for success. So how do you hire the best talent for your call center? Don’t worry, we have a few tips on how to hire the right call center agent for your company in Arizona.

Match Your Values

Today, for both employees and employers, having a match in values is critical. Employees want to work for companies where they feel like they belong. Use your mission statement when interviewing to determine if candidates share similar values. This will also attract candidates who are interested in long-term work, including advancement.

Focus on The Candidate Experience

Companies need to focus on the candidate experience, especially with high volume hiring, such as customer service representatives. This is what will allow new applications to determine if you’re going to be a good employer. People today will research companies online during their application process, and if they see negative experiences, they won’t apply. Make the process easy to navigate and communicate regularly, even if they’re not chosen for the assignment.

Prioritize Skills

While skills such as customer service, data entry, and communication are important to any call center job, there may be other skills that will benefit your organization. Before beginning the hiring process, determine what skills you want to see potential CSRs bring to the table. It could be experience with a similar product or service or good math skills to do calculations quickly. Whatever works for your company should be at the top of your list.

Partner with a Local Agency

Finding talent for high volume jobs like your call center can take a lot of time and energy. That’s time and energy you should be spending on running your company. Take this off your plate by working with a local Arizona call center staffing agency with experience in call center placements. They will source and prescreen candidates and only submit the most qualified. You can also work with employees on a temp-to-hire basis to determine if they’re a good fit before you commit to hiring them permanently.

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