Virtual Meeting Etiquette and Guidelines

Virtual meetings are becoming the norm for many businesses. And as your organization has shifted gears, you need to determine the best management style for remote meetings online. Online video conferences have been available for years, but with the events of 2020, several became household names used not only for business but also in our personal lives. But what tips should hiring managers follow to ensure productive meetings online? Here are some guidelines for meeting etiquette.

Start On Time

As the leader, you need to set the example that time is valuable. That’s not just your time, but your employees’ time, too. Start the meeting on time, and don’t leave people hanging out in the waiting room, cooling their jets. It will just breed annoyance instead of productivity.

Don’t Talk Over Speakers

Lag can sometimes make it hard to know when someone is starting or finishing a thought. As much as you can, try not to speak over the meeting participants. If you have a larger group, you can monitor speakers to see when someone has something to add and give them the floor to avoid everyone talking at once.

Look at the Camera

Eye contact is an important part of human communication. And in virtual meetings, we can’t do it naturally. But the next best thing is to look into the camera when you’re addressing the group. Try to avoid looking at yourself too much. It can be easy to use a video call to consider your own experience, but it can be distracting during a discussion.

Keep the Meeting Short

Meetings should always be focused on the conscious use of time. Just because you’re now working from home doesn’t mean your employees have extra time on their hands to attend an hours-long meeting. Create an agenda and stick to it. Don’t let the conversation go off in random directions that aren’t related to the topic you’re discussing.

Don’t Use Your Computer During the Meeting

Many people decide to use this time to do other tasks in virtual meetings, but it can be very obvious while on camera. As the manager, you can discourage this behavior by not engaging in it yourself. People will hear you typing, and they will see that you’re not focused on the speaker. If you want to share your screen during the call, prepare ahead of time to have everything you need.

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