Essential Workplace Tools You can Provide Your Remote Employees

As many companies settle into the new normal of working from home, there may be some additional assistance you can provide employees moving forward. Part of the success of remote work is having the right resources available. What tools will improve the productivity and results of your work from home employees in Phoenix? As you make a plan moving into 2021 to incorporate remote work into your regular experience, here are some things to consider.

Remote Desktop

Access to shared work environments will be critical to the success of your remote workers. Many companies handle this by providing a remote desktop or shared file drives. Remote desktop access allows your team to access their computers and databases while not in the office. It’s also okay to bypass this by issuing laptop computers to your team to use for work purposes.

WiFi Hotspot

The assumption that everyone will have excellent wireless internet at home can also create problems. The good news is that it’s easy to solve. WiFi hotspots are small devices that work over cell signals that allow anyone to access the internet from anywhere. You set this up with your company’s phone provider and every employee is given their mobile hotspot to connect to wherever they’re working.

Data Security and VPNs

Internet security and the protection of your company’s sensitive data has been a big concern in terms of remote work. Your employees still need to access this information, but you need to ensure that it’s secure. There are plenty of tools available to ensure this is the case when your employees are accessing data at home. The most commonly used option is a VPN.

Collaborative Access

Many people consider collaboration the missing piece in terms of work-from-home options. But with plenty of modern tools, this doesn’t have to be the case. Countless collaborative software options can help your team stay connected and work together. Some of the most popular tools are Trello, Slack, and Asana. Of course, video conferences are also a part of this and many Dallas companies are using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Resources for Focus

You may also be concerned about your employee’s attention span while working at home. And some of it can’t be avoided in today’s world affected by COVID-19. But there are some things you can provide to help your team focus on their job. Some apps and extensions can keep your team from getting pulled into time-sucking vortexes when they need to be concentrating on deadlines.

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