Top Strategies for Recruiting Seasonal Employees

While the holiday season still seems so far off, it’ll be here before we know it. And it may look different in 2020. But your company may still require seasonal employees during the holidays. What are the best strategies for recruiting seasonal employees and why is planning ahead so important this year? Here is how you can have the pick of top talent for your seasonal roles as 2020 comes to a close.

Create Engaging Job Descriptions

Just because a position is short-term doesn’t mean you get lazy with the job description. This is the first communication you have with potential employees, so make an impact. Tell them what the job is but, more importantly, what you can do for them. Make the description engaging with details about the work environment and perks.

Focus on Your Onboarding Process

You also want to pay special attention to the onboarding process. You want people to stick around, so make sure they are comfortable from the start. Onboarding should give them the job training but also an orientation into the company culture, expectations, and environment.

Hire for Attitude

When you’re hiring for short term positions you may want to be laser-focused on their experience, but that isn’t the only qualification to look for. Consider their attitude as well as their ability to learn while on the job. People who want to be there and are excited to work for you seasonally are the people who will do the best job.

Give Preference to Return Workers

Your hiring and onboarding process should also have the added effect of encouraging people to come back the next season. When you’re hiring, give preference to people who have worked with you in the past. They already have the knowledge you need someone to bring to the table and can even be paired with new employees as a mentor.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

One way to staff your seasonal positions quickly and efficiently is to partner with a staffing agency. They work with candidates specifically looking for short term work and are happy to talk to you about your needs. They will be able to place qualified employees on short notice to help you succeed.

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