How to Advance Your Career as Baby Boomers Retire

The job market is shifting. It has been shifting for a while with a lot of moving parts, including the rise of Generation Z into the workforce. And with the global pandemic changing the way a lot of workplaces operate, it’s shifting again. Baby boomers are beginning to consider retirement, even as they delayed it in recent years. This will open opportunities for younger generations of job seekers. How can you use this to your advantage and advance your career as baby boomers retire?

Work with a Mentor

There is a lot of knowledge that baby boomer coworkers can take with them when they leave. If you want to make yourself invaluable to your current or any future employers, work with your older coworkers to learn what they know. Talk to a baby boomer in your industry who wants to share their knowledge as a mentor. This can give you the boost you need to succeed.

Talk to Your Employer

If you want to know more about advancement opportunities, the most important thing you can do is ask. Your employer can’t read your mind, so be direct. Let them know that you’re interested in moving your career to the next level and find out what they need to see from you to give you that chance.

Shift Your Job Search Strategy

If you’re not working right now, you can do a few different things in your job search to reach opportunities that you’re not finding. Many younger job seekers look to social media or online job boards to find their next positions. But if you want to be considered for the roles being left vacant by the retiring baby boomers, try to think like they do to find those positions. Networking is the best way to get your name out there or check directly with company websites for job listings.

Determine the Missing Link

Another way you can position yourself as the best new candidate to fill a role formerly held by a baby boomer is to find missing skills. Companies sometimes don’t realize these skills are missing if they simply haven’t been exposed to them. If you can demonstrate how your skills and experience can improve their business, they may be interested in further talking with you.

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