5 Qualities Every Customer Service Employee Should Have

Are you looking for a customer service job? If so, do you have all the right qualities employers are looking for in customer service professionals? There is an amount of customer service in every job, but it takes someone with the right mindset to truly excel in these dedicated positions. So how can you demonstrate these skills on your resume and in the interview process to land your next customer service job?


If you’ve been working in customer service for any amount of time, you know that patience is extremely important. You may talk to someone who is unprepared or someone who has just run out of their own patience due to circumstances beyond your control. Without patience, you run the risk of losing your temper with the customer, which will harm your career very quickly.

Attention to Detail

It’s also important that you have a keen sense of attention to detail. Sometimes, the issues brought up by customers can be resolved quickly by just having a different perspective. You may notice something they’ve missed. Attention to detail is also important for the business side of the job. You will need to make sure you have accurate and necessary reporting.

Stellar Communication Skills

For all of this, you also need to have amazing communication skills. Not just average communication skills, but stellar. Customer service is all about conveying your thoughts effectively and efficiently to the customer.  You need to be good at communicating by phone or over chat in some cases, without the benefit of tone or body language.


Another hallmark of a great customer service representative is positivity. Some, but certainly not all, customers will have problems that stem from a negative interaction or a bad user experience. Doubling down on this negativity will only serve to fuel their anger rather than defuse it. Being a calm, positive voice may be all they need to turn the experience around.

Time Management

Finally, good customer service employees need to have great time management skills. For instance, if you’re working in a call center, you may have a quota of calls or a certain log process that requires you to be on the phone for a certain number of calls. But you also have off-phone work that will need to be accomplished before your shift is over. Learning to prioritize your time will be essential.

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