Show One Simple Thing to Help Employee Motivation

respectEncouraging your staff to perform at the top of their abilities isn’t as difficult as many online resources make it seem. Most employees are actively engaged in their job, and if they’re not, pushing them harder won’t solve the problem. Instead, working with their natural desire to do a good job and encouraging the hardest workers to continue reaching is more effective overall. So, what is one simple way you can motivate your team?

Be Respectful

The overarching message is that you should always be respectful to your staff. Treating them in this manner will encourage them to be respectful in turn, which will enhance employee loyalty and motivate them on the job. Here are some of the ways to demonstrate respect.

  • Be grateful. Offering your genuine gratitude when an employee does something worthy of thanks is a good first step. Don’t assume they only deserve gratitude when they go above and beyond. Instead, tell them “thank you” frequently. Let them know that you value what they do and are happy they’re part of your team.
  • Be kind. There are many nightmare stories of managers who are rude, mean, or cruel to their staff. Bullies exist at all levels of employment, and a manager who bullies will have a hard time earning the respect of their team. Instead, be kind and caring about them as individuals.
  • Be personal. Sure, there are topics that should be off-limits at work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any meaningful conversations. Demonstrating that you’re human and opening up to your staff will provide a framework for a solid working relationship that can last for years.
  • Be humble. Always remember that you’re not infallible. You make mistakes too, so own up to them. Know that you couldn’t be in the position you’re in without a great team of employees surrounding you. That isn’t to say you can’t brag about accomplishments, but understand how and when you’re doing it.

When you can combine these four concepts into your management style, you will quickly find that your respect will be reciprocated.

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