4 Ways to Overcome Gaps in Your Career


Not every career follows a straight and narrow path. What do you do when there have been detours along the way? Resume gaps are often looked at as a red flag by potential employers, but they don’t always tell the whole story. If you have been climbing the corporate ladder by the stairs, how do you demonstrate that you are qualified and interested in these new job opportunities? Here are some things to consider when addressing the gaps in your career.

Life changes

People get married, start families, move, care for their parents, and more all the time. A life change shouldn’t exclude you from work in the future. While it is not recommended that you spell this out on a resume, you can address this in your cover letter and in an interview. It’s easier to provide context during an interview with an employer when explaining personal situations than addressing it on a piece of paper.

Volunteering and community involvement

One of the best ways to stay engaged when you’re between jobs is to volunteer in your community. Volunteering looks great on a resume and accounts for the time you may not have been working a traditional job. While it’s not the main reason or benefit, volunteering also opens new networking opportunities that could lead to future employment.

Unrelated jobs

Especially during the recession, job seekers were willing to accept any position to help pay the bills. These jobs may be unrelated to the work you’re pursuing as part of your career but do account for the time. You can leave them on you resume without much detail just to show that you do not have a gap in your employment history. Consider a resume format that features skills of job functions rather than a chronological one.

School or other continued learning

Another great thing to add to your resume for the in-between times is continued education. Maybe you took some classes while you were laid off from another job or you’re working part-time while going to school full-time. Heading back to school shows initiative on your part to acquire new skills to kick start your career.

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