Should You Treat Each Employee Equally?

Favoritism is cited frequently as a reason some employees are dissatisfied with their jobs. They feel their boss gives unfair, preferential treatment to one or a handful of other employees. Employers, on the other hand, view this behavior very differently. They are looking at performance levels and are treating employees accordingly. But is this the right way to approach top performers on the job or should everyone be given the same treatment or opportunities each time? Let’s take a closer look.

Encourage top performance from all.

Some say the cream will rise to the top and while this is true, you can’t keep going to those top performers or you will quickly be viewed as a manager who plays favorites. Instead, you need to offer everyone an equal chance at performing their jobs well. However, don’t judge them based on the favorite employee. Judge each employee by their own merits. Your department will be even more successful if more (or even all) employees operate at high levels.

Offer everyone a chance at a project.

When a new project becomes available don’t automatically assign it to the top performers. Instead, offer it to everyone and allow someone chance to take the reins. It is more than likely your top performers will also be your most frequent volunteers, but everyone deserves an opportunity to prove their value on the job. Taking notes and recording which employees step up provide you data in future discussions.

Talk to employees about their dissatisfaction.

When an employee appears disengaged with their job, take this opportunity to talk to them. Don’t make it about you or the lack of production but find out why they aren’t feeling satisfied. You may discover that they feel they’re not getting the same chances as others in the office. Do what you can to make improvements to help them feel more engaged.

Comply with all employment laws.

Of course, one of the most important pitfalls to avoid in the office is to play favorites in such a way that can be seen in a discriminatory manner. Your workplace is required to comply with all local and federal labor laws, and if your actions toward your employees don’t demonstrate this you may eventually have a much larger problem on your hands. Talk to human resources about what forms are necessary or what you need to record to stay in compliance.

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