Land a Job Using LinkedIn Groups in Arlington TX

You’ve created your LinkedIn Profile and you’ve connected with former co-workers, managers, and recruiters. Now it is just a waiting game, right? Wrong. One of the keys to effectively using LinkedIn to find your next opportunity is to participate in the site. The next step: joining groups. Search the site to find groups that are relevant to your skills, interests, and area. Join them and get involved in the conversation. Here are four things you can do to optimize your LinkedIn Groups experience.

  • Share valuable content. While you are able to share information about your own skills and expertise, the best way to share important content is to avoid too much self-promotion. Any time you find a valuable website or news article about the subject, share it with the group. Keep it relevant to the topic. It is also helpful to engage others with a question based on the article. This will open the conversation.
  • Interact with the group. Sharing content is an important step, answering questions and engaging with the group is equally as important. By participating in conversations you can get your voice heard and showcase your experience as a subject matter expert. A group is a place where recruiters and hiring managers go to source new talent and they want to see who has the skills they are looking for.
  • Be a resource. Put your skills to the test. If someone asks for assistance and you can provide the answer, offer your help. Teach your skills to others who ask. For example, offer a free 1 hour consultation to other group members. You can also offer to volunteer your time with projects, especially as part of a local group. You can add these items to your resume to demonstrate your continued value even if you’re unemployed.
  • Make connections. Groups automatically extend your network. It is a good idea to make individual connections with members of these groups as well. Reach out to people who share your interest or who have knowledge you would like to gain. Connections on LinkedIn work exponentially so every time you connect with one person you become part of an extended three-tier system.

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