Improve Your Job Descriptions to Land Top Talent

You are probably required by your Human Resources department to make sure that a proper job description is on file for each of your employees. Many managers slog through the process and develop very dry and legal sounding documents. However, when advertising for a job it is too easy to copy these lackluster descriptions into the posting. Our words have power and to attract the best possible candidates to your open positions it is important to rethink the way we approach job descriptions. Here are four things to keep in mind.

  1. Shift focus of physical requirements. Legally, it is necessary to include all of the physical requirements of the position to manage employees’ expectations. All too often we design this section in a way that sounds like we are micromanaging each moment an employee is on the job. Take a hard look at the how physical requirements apply to the position and only include those that are necessary for experience or legal disclaimers.
  2. Listing each and every duty. A laundry list of each and every single function that this person has or will have throughout their tenure is an exercise in futility. Rather, it may be better to be results oriented. Share how this role interacts with the clients and the organization as a whole and allow a superstar to use their individual talents to make it happen. By creating an exhaustive list you actually give into the “not in my job description” mentality that you might be trying to avoid.
  3. Emphasize creative solutions to problems. Experts have been lamenting that innovation in the American workplace in on the decline. We have created a culture where managers feel responsible to oversee every aspect of their team’s day. Confidently hiring talented individuals should allow you to stand back and watch their expertise at work. When they have an opportunity to develop creative ways to handle their day to day tasks you may discover a new way to function.
  4. Why is a job description necessary? Legal compliance in the field of human resources is an ever-evolving process. Job descriptions on file help avoid any unnecessary long term legal ramifications. When you assume no one will ever read the description you are assigning it a level of unimportance. Instead, consider a different approach. Write the description to be readable and interesting for everyone. A good base job description can help attract candidates to your door.

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