Recruiter Ready Resume Advice

With so much advice coming from so many directions how exactly do you know if your resume is ready for prime time? If you’re looking for your next job opportunity and think your current resume might be holding you back, here are three simple steps that can greatly improve your resume.

  1. Stay focused on the goal. Companies like to see resumes from candidates that match their specific positions and their company culture. If your resume is all over the place they are likely to pass it up in favor for your more focused competition. Start with your title. Consider the specific job requirements and tailor your resume title to that. Next, add a summary paragraph. Look at all the reasons why you’re qualified for this particular job. Be as specific as you can about your background and your ultimate goal. Keep the core language flexible so you can alter the key message for your next job application.
  2. Be results oriented. This isn’t just a buzz word for your resume, this is a career philosophy. In your resume showcase all the specific examples of how you have positively impacted your previous employers’ businesses. The new company will want to know exactly how you can produce results in their environment. Write down as many of your professional accomplishments as you can think of and then take your time to streamline the language. Add them as bullets to your job history rather than your duties.
  3. Seek feedback on your resume. Your former co-workers, your spouse, and your friends can all help you tighten your message and suggest missing pieces for your resume. We all know it is a good idea for someone else to look at our resume but so few of us actually take this step. Don’t skip it. Share your new resume with several people and see what they have to say then take their advice. This will not only help you add key information but also give you a chance to work out any bugs before submitting it for a job.

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