Leading Other Millennials When You’re a Young Manager

The modern workforce is continually evolving, and now that baby boomers are looking forward to retirement, the next largest generation may be taking over some of those management roles. But are you ready for this kind of responsibility? And, if so, do you think you can manage other millennials in your office? Before you get… Read more »

How Will On-Site Management Help Your DFW Company?

Have you considered working with a staffing agency that offers on-site management services for your business? If so, what questions are you asking? What information do you need to know about on-site solutions? Before you contact an agency to learn more, here are some of the basics that can help you determine the right staffing… Read more »

Improve Your Customer Service Skills in IT with These 4 Tips

Any information technology job is equal parts technical skills and interpersonal skills. Throughout your IT career, you will need to interact with co-workers, managers, executives, and customers. And, in many cases, it may be interaction with customers that will be the most important part of your IT career. Do you think you need to improve… Read more »

Soft Skills – How to Determine Them in the Interview

Experts will tell you that, as a manager, you need to hire based on the soft skills of the candidate. But what does this mean and how exactly do you measure soft skills? Hard skills refer to the specific qualifications for the job, such as experience with certain software or years of working within one… Read more »

The Cost of a Bad Hire in Texas

The wrong hiring decision can have detrimental consequences for your business. Taking a risk on a candidate who doesn’t fit in with your company can be dicey. The total cost of a bad hire adds up quickly and goes way beyond their salary. One bad hiring choice will cost your company time and money, and… Read more »

5 Ways to Identify Future Leaders for Your Company

It isn’t enough in today’s competitive marketplace to simply hire the best candidates. Few employees are content doing the same functions for years on end. Dissatisfaction often stems from not feeling challenged or appreciated. The best way to counter this problem is to identify and hire individuals who can become leaders in your company. Here… Read more »

What is Temp to Hire?

Hiring can be an expensive proposition. Not only do you need to handle the costs of advertising and pre-screening but also the salary, benefits, and taxes for each employee. A bad hire can be even more expensive. If someone doesn’t work out you need to start the process over again. Temp to hire staffing can… Read more »

Hiring Nightmares to Avoid: Not Acting Quickly in a Candidate Driven Market

The job market has changed forever. During the recession, jobs were lost and many never returned to the business landscape. As new jobs were created and companies began to pick up hiring steam once again, the market turned from employer-driven to a new candidate-driven experience. Unlike the job boom in the 90s, this market looks… Read more »

Land a Job Using LinkedIn Groups in Arlington TX

You’ve created your LinkedIn Profile and you’ve connected with former co-workers, managers, and recruiters. Now it is just a waiting game, right? Wrong. One of the keys to effectively using LinkedIn to find your next opportunity is to participate in the site. The next step: joining groups. Search the site to find groups that are… Read more »

10 Ways Office Culture Can Make You an Employer of Choice in Texas

Your corporate culture is your very identity. It is made up of so many different aspects from your mission statement to the way you treat your employees. If you’re looking for amazing new talent to add to your company you may want to think about your culture and how to sell it to prospective employees.… Read more »